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The Stories

The Refuges stories are sad. Once uprooted, refugees and displaced people embark on a perilous journey. They flee in small groups smuggled out in the night, and in long, weary columns tramping across scorched earth. They fling themselves onto leaky boats and hand up their babies to strangers leaning from beating helicopters or hissing trains.


We at Refugee Connections know their stories as immigrants ourselves. We therefore have stepped up to be an answer to the cries of the oppressed, but we cannot do it alone. You can help. Many people become refugees as a result of war, economic crisis, food shortages, global warming or environmental catastrophes. This Ministry has made a commitment to saving lives and helping refugees and all displaced people on their journey from harm to home. We need your help.

Just recently, a refugee from NEPAL said , Everyone in my village fled during the conflict. The village became an overgrown fields and broken houses. Our village economy is very bad and the literacy rate almost 90%. I am thankful for America helping me escape the refugee camp. I now have hope and a chance to live a better life. I am grateful to America . I pray they find my wife and two babies who are lost in Nepal ”.

Refugee Connections is a ministry that is committed to reach every living person in the world with the love of God. To set the captives free in Jesus Name. To utilize every visible method of taking and sending the Christian good news to the entire world. To show unconditional love to others by caring and sharing. To always remember that God has placed the world in our hearts. He has given us a responsive, dangerous, and opportune moment in history. Genesis 1:26-30. He is loving us to love a lost world… He desires to use us and bless us. My prayer is that God will use us fully as we keep the whole world in view.

A we therefore provide pastoral care, support and prayers as well as resettlement services and education to help refugees and other individuals become self sufficient, we pray that you join us as we together make a difference in their lives.

Families belong together—whether immigrant, refugee or native born—all of us are better off when we are with our families and part of our communities.

When people are forced to make the difficult decision to migrate, Refugee Connections is there to help them become part of a new community. We provide support and guidance as they work to recover from their journey and seek to reunite with their families.

When refugees arrive in the United States they immediately begin the process of putting roots down and establishing themselves in their new communities. We assist them enroll their children in school, learn the local transit system, teach them English and computer classes. We assist them to find employment to be able to provide for themselves and their families. As they work their way to self-sufficiency, refugees prove to be some of the most dependable, hardworking and committed members of our communities, congregations and workplaces.

Self-sufficiency is key to successful integration into American society. Refugee Connections helps newcomers by engaging local churches and communities in the resettlement process and by promoting employment and providing training and support to local job developers.

When Refugees and survivors of torture arrive to the United States seeking protection, they face a lot of challenges in assimilating into their new environment. Other migrants fleeing desperate circumstances suffer the same fate. Refugee Connections helps migrants at risk by offering necessary assistance that can make the difference between beginning a new life and being forced to live with persecution or in despair.

Refugee Connections exists to provide avenues that move awareness into action. Our passion is connecting people with the relationships and resources they need to take the ‘next step’ in confronting issues they care about in their local and global communities. 


Proposal to teach ESL and Pastoral care & Support to Refugees

An imperative of the gospel is that we welcome the stranger as if we were receiving our Lord as guest. Millions of refugees need such hospitality. Refugees are among the most vulnerable of our brethren. They are victims of persecution and forcible displacement. Most of them are women and children. They are thrust for periods of years into virtually unlivable condition. Our ministry is that of compassion and our slogan is “Passion for God and compassion for people.” Amazing Grace is looking for avenues to partner with individuals and agencies to respond to the call to extend hospitality.

Ways We Can Help

We can assist in mentoring newly arrived families by providing cultural orientation and support through friendship, tutoring in English and in most cases assist families with transportation needs. We can assist in providing quality resettlement as the need arises through a healthy collaboration with Convoy of Hope.. Our overall aim is to facilitate the empowerment of the refugees and to enhance their quality of life through stewardship, resources and shared responsibilities.

This ministry will provide periodic outreach and support through distribution of clothes, shoes, personal hygiene products, foods and small appliances. Resettlement means a new life for persons who have lost any hope of achieving peace and stability in their lives. As we assist them especially in teaching English as a second language, we are giving witnesses to the transforming nature of God’s love.

I write to tell you of a ministry and church growth opportunity that has been approved by North Texas District of the Assemblies of God. Did you know that the city of Dallas is home to 10,000 refugees and that Dallas receives 1,000 new refugees per year from the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement? These refugees come to the United States via flights sponsored by the United Nations. Refugees arrive here seeking political and religious freedom due to war, religious persecution, and ethnic cleansing efforts in their home countries. Upon arrival in Dallas refugees are placed in one of six apartment complexes. Shiloh Village in East Dallas is one of these resettlement camps housing 1,200 refugees.

Refugee Connections, under the leadership of Pastor Bright Osigwe (a Nigerian immigrant), is spearheading efforts to reach out to the refugees. His church has formed the REFUGEE CONNECTIONS to assist the refugees to quickly assimilate into our country and culture. Residents at Shiloh Village come from the following countries: Afghanistan, Cuba, Brunei, Burundi, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, and Zambia. U.S. State Department approved agencies are supposed to complete the task of assimilation within 90 days. We have found that reaching this goal is not the norm and that many people have fallen through the cracks. Their failure presents an opportunity to reach people with the gospel message by filling the gaps.

The objective of the efforts of the REFUGEE CONNECTIONS is to provide the necessary resources, training, and skills development to help immigrants move from dependence upon society to self-sufficiency so that the immigrant becomes a resource to assist immigrants following behind him or her to be successful in their transition to life in the United States . We know that if we give a man a fish we have fed him for one day, and must do so again each day if he is to survive. However, if we teach that man how to fish for himself, then we have equipped him to be able to feed his family and given him the means to teach others who follow him to be able to learn how to fish too.

We assist the residents in completing computer registration of Texas Workforce Commission. We assess job readiness and skills, household goods, clothing, medical, and education needs.

Following these efforts to improve the daily lives of the refugees and to position them on a pathway to become successful and productive citizens, we will begin holding outdoor worship services in a vacant field adjacent to Shiloh Village . We will transform this field into African bush country and we expect a divine move of God through revival and deliverance ministries in these outdoor services that will win many souls into the Kingdom of God and growth to Amazing Grace.


95 percent of the Refugees we serve do not have a vehicle. As we teach them to drive, we also want to provide them with transportation. We have therefore started this ministry called “Cars for Refugees” Our aim is to provide each Refugee family with at least one vehicle for transportation. Many of them who do not know how to ride the bus still walk around on foot or stay home.


Raising Funds to purchase vehicles for refugees, one family at a time.
Our goal is to purchase or acquire through donations 250 vehicles in the next one year.

Join the Cars for Refugees project! Each refugee family hopes for a future and a renewed heart! Jeremiah 29:11
Help us in putting a car key in their hands and a smile in their faces.

Refugee Connections, is dedicated to bringing the sufferings of Refugees before the Western world, being a voice for the Lord and his people who are working and raising practical help for our Refugee and poor brethren.

“To suffer the loss of all things, to be homeless, hungry, to give up all that you have, to suffer with Christ, though rich to become poor, to suffer rejection, persecution, beatings, lowly, as though you were not, without eloquence or superior wisdom, in weakness and fear, with much trembling, as servants, as slaves, condemned to die, as lambs led to the slaughter, on display, spectacles, dishonored, thirsty, in rags, brutally treated, working hard with your own hands, cursed, slandered, the scum of the earth, the refuse of the world, denying yourself, taking up your life, distressed for the comfort and salvation of others, sharing in others sufferings and burdens, under great pressure far beyond your ability to endure, despairing of your life, feeling the sentence of death, in deadly peril, with great anguish of heart, with many tears, hard pressed on every side, perplexed, struck down, carrying about in your body the death of Jesus, always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, outwardly wasting away, in great endurance, enduring trouble and hardship, in imprisonment’s, riots, through glory and dishonor, bad report and good report, genuine yet regarded as impostors; known, yet regarded as unknown; dying, yet living on; beaten, yet not killed; sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, yet possessing everything; bodies that have no rest, harassed at every turn, conflicts on the outside, fears within, in severe trial, in extreme poverty, not being a burden to anyone, severely flogged, exposed to death again and again, stoned, shipwrecked, adrift in the open sea, constantly on the move, in danger in the country, in danger in the city, in danger from rivers, in danger from criminals, in danger from false brethren, laboring and toiling, often without sleep, being cold and without clothes, often without food, pressure of concern for all the churches, feeling weak with those who are weak, inwardly burning because of those led into sin. In danger of arrest, in weakness, bearing insults and difficulties, making a fool of ourselves (for Christ’s sake), spending everything we have for others, expending ourselves as well, having our property confiscated, living as aliens and strangers on the earth, not receiving in this life the things promised, longing for a better country, mistreated with the people of God, experiencing disgrace for the sake of Christ, tortured, jeered, chained, stoned, sawed in two, put to death by the sword, clothed with sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, mistreated, wandering in deserts and mountains and in caves and in holes in the ground, bearing on your body the marks of the Lord Jesus, resisting sins to the point of shedding of your own blood…” Taken from the Gospels, and the Epistles of the New Testament.